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China Petroleum First Construction CO., Ltd.

China Petroleum First Construction CO., Ltd.

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Sled Manufacturing Base in the Southwest of CPFCC, which is invested in and established by China Petroleum First Construction Corporation. The company was officially settled in Suining EAIP in 2019. The main business includes pressure vessel manufacturing, process pipeline prefabrication, steel structure prefabrication, electrical instrument installation, valve pressure test, mold skid manufacturing, assembly, etc. The manufacturing and installation projects that have been undertaken include skid mounting equipment for the ground gathering and transportation project for the trial production of Well 12 Exploration in Northwest Sichuan Gas Mine of Southwest Oil and Gas Field, non-standard equipment manufacturing for China Petroleum Guangdong Petrochemical Project, EPC general contracting project for the rolling reserve of skid mounting equipment in Northwest Sichuan Gas Mine, etc. The company produces in the No.1 customized factory of the 2nd phase, including the hardened space around it, which covers a factory area of about 5,000 and a hardened space of about 14,360 . There are 40 employees working here.