Suining Europe-America Industrial Park Suining Europe-America Industrial Park


Park Advantages

Low Production Costs

Low Production

  • 4.01Yuan/Ton

    Water price of big industry

  • 0.62Yuan/kwh

    Electricity price of big industry

  • 3.09Yuan/m³

    Gas price of big industry

There are abundant reserves of water, electricity, oil, natural gas and bittern in Suining.

Water: There are 46 rivers in China, of which Fujiang River runs through the city, with an average annual flow rate of 450 m2/s. In the existed 7 waterworks, the daily supply amount is 370,000 tons, with water supply pipe diameter of 600mm and terminal pressure of 3 kg.

Electricity: the developable hydroenergy is 410,000 kW, the annual electricity production is 1 billion kwh, and the annual electricity supply is 8 billion kwh. There are two 500kv power transmission and transformation stations, 20 110kv power transmission and transformation stations. Double circuit power supply is adopted in the industrial park, and the power failure of the whole year shall not exceed 5 hours.

Gas: The reserve of Moxi gas field in the region is about 300 billion m3, with annual production capacity of more than 2 billion m3. The 2 national large gas pipelines pass through Suining with sufficient gas supply. Two existed gas supply enterprises, with the daily gas supply of 40,000 m3, and the air pressure of 3 kg.

Sewage treatment: there are three sewage treatment plants, with daily processing capacity of two general sewage treatment plants of 120,000 tons. The daily processing capacity of PCB sewage treatment plants is 60,000 tons.