Suining Europe-America Industrial Park Suining Europe-America Industrial Park


Park Advantages


High Quality
Human Resources

  • 60,000Person

    High-tech talents

  • 2Million

    Labor force

  • 39Unit

    Vocational colleges and training schools

  • 7Unit

    Provincial key vocational colleges

There are about 2 million labors and 1.8 million migrant workers in the city, with the number of newly added laborers reaching 200,000 each year. Especially in vocational education, our city has vigorously developed, in the "13th Five-Year" education development plan, constructing the modern vocational education system integrated with industry development, fostering model schools and majors integrated with local industry development, and opening new majors such as electronic, mechanical, business, tourism, logistics and so on. 7 provincial key vocational colleges have been built. By 2020, 2 new colleges have been built, 10 backbone demonstration majors have been opened to support the local industry development, and 5 vocational education groups with deep integration of production and education have been completed, basic covering all the vocational colleges and key enterprises in the city. At present, there are 39 vocational colleges and training schools in the city, covering all the technical types of the park enterprises. Each year, more than 60 thousand senior technical personnel are graduating. “Labor resources” are gradually transformed into “labor dividend”, which provides sufficient and low cost labor resources for enterprises.

Because of low labor costs in Suining, the pay package of production-line workers is much lower than that of the coastal cities.

Nesting and attracting phoenix: the industrial park can provide special subsidies for senior management personnel and training subsidies for common laborers.

It adopts the innovative talent training mode, introducing key universities, scientific research institutions or industry associations both inside and outside the province, organizing or participating in the organization of technical skills education with the aim of serving the superiority characteristic industries in the city, and founding the “Suining Research Institute of University of Electronic Science and Technology”, forming an integration entity of production, learning and research. And, it has become a gathering place for high-tech enterprises.