Suining Europe-America Industrial Park Suining Europe-America Industrial Park


Park Products

Customized Development


  • 15billion

    Custom Development

  • 130,000

    Total area of the factory

  • 100KN/㎡

    Load-bearing of the first floor of the factory

The north block of the First Phase Start-up Zone, which is the customized area for the real needs of the settled project. At present, there are three enterprises have produced in this area, including Suining Company of CNPC First Construction Corporation with a total area of factory and ground about 20,000 square meters, Lear Southwest China E-systems Project with factory area of about 32,000 square meters, and Perfect AUTO Technology Project with factory area of about 15,000 square meters.


The south block of the First Phase Start-up Zone covers a land area of about 204 Chinese mu, which is purchased and self-built by the wheel loader project of Chenggong Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. The total building area is of about 175,600 square meters, among them 150,000 square meters is factory, office building and canteen cover an are of about 7,800 square meters, and the remaining buildings are supporting facilities and equipment.