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Sichuan Perfect Automobile Technology CO., Ltd.

Sichuan Perfect Automobile Technology CO., Ltd.

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Sichuan Perfect Automobile Technology Co., LTD., which is invested in and established by Tianjin Wanyuan Tech Automobile Co., LTD., and settled in Suining EAIP in 2020. The company mainly produces the products of auto parts and mold, rubber, plastic, sports, etc. It is devoted to providing high-quality automobile rubber products for suppliers. The main customers include FAW Hongqi, Ideal Auto, Shanghai Volkswagen, FAW Volkswagen, FAW Jetta, Beijing Auto, etc, and also include China Aerospace, China Ordnance Industry Ministry, etc. The company produces in the No. 4 factory of the 2nd phase in the industrial park with an area of about 10,000. There are more than 230 employees.